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Bizarro Book Club: Princess Academy Palace of Stone

Hey everyone, its time for Bizarro Book Club!
(this happens every two months, click here for last time)
Here's the scoop...
  • We came up with a set of questions that will allow us to discuss the book without really giving anything away for those of you who haven't read it.
  • We both answer each question and we think of our answers beforehand so as not to be influenced by the other person's ideas.
  • We do have a chance for rebuttal or additonal commentary after we've read what the other person wrote.
  • If you've read the book and you want to weigh in with your own answers, reactions to ours, etc. we'd love that! Surely one of these days we'll read a book that one of you have also read!
Still reading? Great! This time we read Princess Academy: Palace of Stone which is the second book in the Princess Academy series by Shannon Hale.
And away we go...

#1- If two books had a baby and the result was this book, who would it's parents be?
Whit- I'm having a hard time with this question, I can see Les Miserables as one of the parents because of the whole revolution thing.  But there's a major love triangle portion so that makes it very Hunger Games-esque too. And, then I was trying hard to think of some book where the characters can control the elements, but all I got was Percy Jackson--- I guess that could be this book's crazy uncle or something.  Oh, and Heidi-- I feel Heidi fits in there somewhere with the whole mountain and leaving the mountain stuff...I guess I'm not really sure who the parents are. Oh, dear.

Robyn- My brain is broken for this question.  Ummmm I just keep thinking of other Shannon Hale books.  Like maybe it's parent is Princess Academy the original.  Haha, I'm lame.  I'll just second Whit's answer... while adding that it's the most tame child of Hunger Games that is possible to fathom. 

Whit- Oh yes, that's very true, this is much much more tame than Hunger Games... but there are a lot of parallels: the love triangle, the girl from the farthest most part of the kingdom being thrust in the limelight and used as an example, the desire for revolution. Maybe this question doesn't really work for sequels though.
#2-In the book Miri has 2 love interests. Are you Team Peder or Team Timon?
Whit- Team Peder, but can I say for the record, Team monogamy!!! I am sick of all these novels where girls are in love with 2 boys! What are we teaching them, to aspire to go on the Bachelor or something?

Robyn- Certainly team Peder.  Though the story line of Timon didn't bother me like it most obviously grated at Whit.  There were times when Timon was very charming and likable too.  BUT, I ended up with my best friend from forever so that's the guy I'm always going to root for.

#3- If you could be one character in the book, besides Miri, who would you be?
Whit- I think I'd be Esa.  I don't know why, I just like that she wanted to learn about medicine and healing to make a difference for her people.

Robyn- I'd choose Miri cause I'm totally ego centric and want to be the main character in the book.  Oh, and cause she's out spoken and opinionated.

Whit- Well of course Miri is the best choice, but it says besides Miri...maybe a better question is would you want to have attended the princess academy and more importantly would you want to be chosen as the princess? I'm not so sure I can give a solid yes to either of those.

Robyn- WHAT?  I was supposed to read the question before answering???  oh gosh... how did I miss that.  Yes.  I would have wanted to attend the princess academy.  And, no- I think being princess would stink.  It would be better to be one of the other girls who got to hang out in the library or learn to play that cool instrument.  But I can't remember any of their names because I don't have the book on hand.

#4- How do you think things would have been different if Miri had spoken directly to Stephan and Britta about the plight of the shoeless from the beginning?
Whit- As my usual cynical self, I think she didn't do so because the author was stringing us along.  But, other than that, I think she was concerned that telling Britta would somehow get her beheaded or something because she'd be seen as a traitor?

Robyn- Obviously this couldn't have happened because there needs to be a story line and all that... the thing is it just drove me crazy.  I mean Britta is her best friend.  Why not go to her and voice some concerns about the current state of the kingdom?  (Not that it would have done any good since Britta is kind of a doormat anyway.)

Whit- Yes, Britta really is a doormat isn't she. Seems like in that country most of the queens were expected to be doormat-ish though.  I'd never be chosen, I'm way too mouthy!

Robyn- I'm pretty sure neither of us would ever have a chance.  haha!

#5-  Rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10, one being a can of wet dog food and 10 being a triple scoop ice cream cone.
Whit- I think I'm giving it a six. I did like it, but there were parts that totally bugged me as well (mostly the love triangle stuff, really. I'm over that kind of storyline in case I didn't make that clear.)

Robyn- I'll give it a 7.  It was a quick read,  and very exciting- kept me turning pages for sure.

And, that wraps it up! Have you read this one? What do you think? Are we spot on? Way off? Are you sick of teen love triangles too?

If you'd like to join in on our next Bizarro Book Club, we'll be reading Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes and we'll post about it sometime near the end of May.
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