Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Artist Biographies for Bigger Kids

Awhile back I received a review book from Abrams called Diego Rivera: An Artist for the People, a biography written by Susan Goldman Rubin.

I know many of you are not yet in the stage of parenthood where your kid comes home with an assignment to research and report on an historical figure, but trust me, that day will come.  And when it does, you'll be happy to know about books like this.
Rubin has written a variety of biographies in several different formats.  After receiving this book, I found as many of the others as I could at my library.  Some are set up more in a chapter book style, while the Diego Rivera book and the others published by Abrams are larger and more picture book-like.
Personally I think they hit a home run with that format!  Its provides great information to the reader without intimidating them by using tiny text or extreme length.There are photographs and artwork throughout the book which break up the text and add to the picture book like quality.
If you have ever suffered through one googled article after another about some famous person your kid has to learn about, you can understand why its much nicer for a person's life story to actually read like a story!
I have mentioned this before, but I think with Lilac I have a biography lover on my hands.  And though she is a bit young for this one (mostly because of content I think she might not understand yet), I know she'll be excited to read it in a few years. However, thanks to the large art spreads, we can enjoy the beautiful work showcased in this book right now. (Images courtesy Abrams.)
As I said, I know many of you feel like the research projects are far away, but they come sooner than you can imagine. Hopefully when they do, you can find a lovely, well designed book like this one.
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PS- In my own research on Susan Goldman Rubin, I found out she has a collection of books for the tiniest art enthusiasts too.  (You know what that means right? BOARD BOOKS! I'll share those on Thursday.)

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