Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too Tall Houses

Hey have you seen this book? I quite like it (hence the whole writing a post about it and all.)

So, in the book we have neighbors Rabbit and Owl who get along great! Owl can perch on his house and see the forest, Rabbit has plenty of sunlight for his garden to grow...bliss.

Until annoyance decides to join the party... less being able to see the forest, which in turn leads to less sunlight getting to the garden...annoyance.

And the annoyance is combated by building one's house taller. It gets a bit out of hand.

After is all comes crashing down, the friends realizing working together might be a better idea.  Awww, so great, right?

I love the story and the art AND Gianna Marino has another book we haven't read yet, Meet Me at the Moon.  It's probably just lovely, I know this one is!

Happy reading! 
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