Friday, February 1, 2013

The Love You Books...

Have you been reading lovey-dovey books at your houses?  We have, I try to find a few new ones each year to share with the girls around Valentine's Day, and I'm not gonna lie, I tend to have sort of a low success rate normally.

But, this year I seem to have found some winners, at least in the opinion of my 2 year old. Cuteness cannot get enough of these books.  She calls them the love you books and whenever we read them, it's one big cuddle-fest so I'm certainly not going to stop reading them to her any time soon!

First we have Big Hugs Little Hugs by Felicia Bond (illustrator of the Mouse a Cookie series).  It's a very simple book about all different kinds of hugs all over the world.

Cuteness is particularly fond of the hugs from the past and the hugs from the future (You see, she learned about the past and the future in Dora's Christmas Carol...sigh.) I like the cut paper look the illustrations have, soft and simple.

The next love you book is The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh.  This is another simple book talking about all kind of kisses. It rhymes--some of the time, but is mostly just light and fun.
  As you can see: worm kisses, fish kisses.  There also small kisses, tall kisses. The ending is my favorite: I've had all these kisses, and lots more too. But the very best kiss is a kiss from you! Guess what? After we read that line I always get a great big kiss from my sweet little Cuteness!  It's the best!!

And I Love You is the last in our line up. It's written by Ruth Krauss.  I don't know if you've read other books by her, but she writes in a very childlike manner, with some sweet things and some silly things thrown in too.  The art is from Steven Kellogg. I love these sky pictures very much.
The book follows a pattern where something big loves something little...and I love you.  Just so you know, some of them make sense and some are just goofy but when we finish reading this book I always get to hear the cute two year old voice say, 'And I love you, mama!' And that makes my day!

I mean, let me be realistic for a minute, the days of hugging and cuddling and snuggling with my kiddos? Those days aren't gonna be here forever.  It makes me a little sad (and apparently a little sappy over the internet!)  So, if all I have to do get hugs and kisses and love you's is read 3 simple books then you better believe I'll willingly drop whatever I'm doing and read these books with a tot on my lap!

Happy reading-- though today it should probably say SAPPY reading, sorry!
What books make your kids want to cuddle up?

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