Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Funny Valentines

Hey there. Remember my rant against fun dips earlier this week...sorry about that.  But valentine candy in general is like way over the top...have you noticed? Man, I am negative about the candy lately. Sorry!  I'm not some kind of mom who is all, "No candy ever...where did you get that lollipop...drop the M&M's and give me 20."  I promise, I'm not. But really, valentine candy is crazy, right?

Anyway, everyone gives out candy it seems like... so we're combating that this year!  We're giving out random stuff from the party aisle and calling it valentines! (I personally think it's gonna be great!)

Let's start with Cuteness.  She is super excited about these valentines, but she thinks she's blowing bubbles for all her friends...I'm not sure she's actually willing to give the bubbles to her friends.

These are the valentines Lilac chose for the boys in her class.  (She opted not to decorate with hearts...nothing too mushy you know...we're at that age.)

 Here are the valentines for girls in Rainy's class. Any little party favor jewelry would work.  I thought these heart bracelets were a nice touch for valentines day.

These are for the boys in Rainy's class.  She was super excited about parachute guys. In fact, at first she planned to give them to everyone, but in the end she couldn't resist the heart bracelets for the girls.

And finally, here are the valentines for the girls in Lilac's class. These have my favorite play on words...kazoo...'cuz you...sorry but I pretty much love it!
I'm gonna be honest, I'm pretty thrilled to have all this figured out and in production with Valentine's Day still about a week away...we have been known to be last minute-ish in the past.

Hmmm, now I just have to figure the teachers out.  You know what, maybe we'll actually bake something for them-- something with nuts because I love nuts and when you bake with nuts for kids they just complain. Any delicious nutty suggestions?

Best of luck in your valentine endeavors!

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