Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not your mama's paper dolls...

How much did you love paper dolls as a kid? I loved them! Why it was so fun coloring outfits and cutting them out with little tabs all around...who knows, but I loved it!

And of course they have come along way since I was a kid! Now there are sticker ones, all kinds of magnetic ones, and even velcro ones, (though  I can't seem to find a link that shows what I mean there.)

Plus there cool new twists on the idea of paper dolls-- like the two things I'm gonna show you today!
 My Dress Up Book is bascially a lift the flap book that comes with fabric scraps for creating outfits. It's very simple and pretty ingenious if you ask me. There's no cutting, no tabs, if you loose on of the pieces of fabric, no biggie! You could just add a fabric scrap from around the house. Plus, it's fun!

Just lift the flap, pile on the fabric and close the flap again! It doesn't matter is stuff is hanging every which way, or covering her face, as soon as you close the flap, everything gets tucked right in!

The book comes with two lift the flap people to dress. One is at the front with a dress shape to wear and the other is at the back with pants. In between are pictures of people dressed up as different stuff. I was going to say the 'in between stuff' is kind of lame, but when Rainy saw it she was like, "Oh, it gives you all these ideas!" So, maybe it's not so lame? I don't know,  but I know for sure the lift the flap parts rock!

Okay, the other paper doll-ish type thing is one I have to tell you about because Cuteness is OBSESSED with it!

 First though, I take absolutely NO credit for finding this!  The other week when Robyn posted about Endless Alphabet, Vanessa mentioned in comments a few apps her kids enjoy, including Toca Boca.  So I went to check them out.

Two of the Toca Boca apps happened to have free versions, Toca Monsters which my kids are loving and Toca Tailor Fairy Tales (aka Cutness' obsession)...

I have no idea if those pictures are helpful to you. Here's the basics: There are two characters (in the free version) and you pick the style of clothing, color, pattern, embellishments and accessories to make their outfits.  Its like having a million paper doll outfits that you will never lose the pieces for!

There's Cuteness giving you a demo. She always makes the girl wear the tiara.

Oh, and you should know there is a bunch of other fancy stuff that you can do if you're two or five, like take a picture of the  outfit you made and save it to your photo library, or take a picture of a something in your house and use it as a pattern for the clothing...or as a backdrop for the little fairy to stand in front of.

I said 'if you are two or five' because my children are totally proficient at these skills and I can't for the life of me get the app to do that...but they have taken photos, so I know it works.

Also I really don't think a paper dolly post would be complete without out linking to this awesome thing that Melissa posted last year...I really love it!

And also these dollies posted by Vanessa-- I think they look fun and lovely! And, their names and job descriptions are awesome (and kind of crack me up a touch.)

Yup!  That's it!  Happy dolly designing!

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