Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making Valentines

Before I begin: I have nothing against commercially packaged, boxed valentines. (I of course exclude those ridiculous 'fun dip' junky sugar packets with the spot to write a name--- I do have something against those, I hate them. Sorry, but I do.)

Store bought valentines are great, in fact I saw these adorable Star Wars ones in the book order (Yoda one for me! Love it!) that I would have totally bought for my kids...if they were into Star Wars.

Anyway, making valentines started back when Lilac was in preschool and it wasn't any sort of boycott or fancy statement.  It was just for fun.  Here's our very very simple method.

1- We just type up some different Valentine-y phrases that the kids think are cute. I let the girls help with typing, which they love A LOT. And, of course, it's a good little letter recognition game for the pre-k crowd.  We copy and paste the text so it's really very little actual typing, but it's still exciting for them.
2- We print the sheet(s) of valentines on card stock and then decorate it.  In the past we've used dot markers and stickers, stamps would be fun.  This year we tried a new trick, which I'll get to.

3- We cut the valentines apart.  The first few years I had Lilac cut them apart with scissors (and I happened to love how they came out all different widths and bit oddly shaped.) Last year, we used the little scrapbooking paper cutter which my kids are fascinated by, so they loved that!
Here's the thing about it...I kind of think there are parts of getting valentines ready for class that are just a touch on the unbearable side (like trying to help a child --who is just learning to neatly write their own name-- attempt to scrawl 20 other unfamiliar names across a 2 inch space on a tiny card-- and do so neatly enough that they can read it the next day to get it in the correct mailbox...ugh!)

I try keep it simple, more time and fun in the actual making, less time and worrying about the writing part. Lots of times ours don't even get addressed to specific people. My kiddos know if they want a certain person to have a certain valentine and they find that one for that box and don't really worry about the rest, they just stick 'em in.

Well, that was a novel, sorry! Now then, this year's decorating...
   We bent an empty toilet paper roll into a heart shape and printed with it.  ( I recall seeing TP roll shamrocks on Pink and Green Mama last year and thinking, hmmm... those could easily be hearts.)

Fun to make! Cute to look at! We are definitely on our way to a happy heart day!

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PS- I'm sure you're wondering why those valentines say, "you blow me away." Well, we're giving stuff this year too-- that seems to be the new trend (besides fun dips anyway, which we are obviously not giving.)  I'm gonna share some of my 'stuff' ideas with you later in the week.

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