Thursday, February 7, 2013

growing and changing

A little more Helen Oxenbury for you today...
There's Going to Be a Baby by John Burningham & The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss; both illustrated by the wonderful Helen Oxenbury.
In There's Going to Be a Baby we accompany a mom and her young son on their journey through pregnancy.  Throughout the book they discuss what the baby will be like and what the baby might like to do or be.  The little boy also voices concerns he has about the arrival of the baby.  
I think it's sweet to watch the Mommy's belly grow as the seasons change throughout the illustrations.  (Miss Kitten has been loving this one, I imagine it really hits home for her as she watches my belly grow.)

The Growing story also takes place through the seasons.  As winter ends the little boy, some chicks and the puppy are all small.  The little boy wonders if they are all growing, the mother assures him they all are.  But as time passes, the little boy can see the changes in the chicks... he can see the changes in his puppy... but he feels just the same.  Imagine his delight when cold weather arrives again and his winter woolens no longer fit!  He was growing too, after all!  A super sweet story.

It's cliche to say... but kids grow up so fast.  Enjoy a child on your lap with a sweet picture book while you can!

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