Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feed the Birds

Snoopy is doing a Science Fair Project.  Oh My Goodness.  He was SO SO SO excited when he brought the permission slip home...

The project that was decided upon is BIRD SEED.  Specifically which type of birdseed available from our local grocery store is the most preferred by our backyard birds.  He picked our 4 types of seed, made predictions about which would get gobbled up most quickly and rang the dinner bell.  As you'll see from the photos below, the birds have answered that call in a big way.

We are all loving watching the birds!  And when I say all of us, Pip Squeak and Lil' Wonder (the cats) are included.  

I'll tell you another thing, we usually have a couple big old feeders on these hooks... the birds still eat up the seed really quickly, BUT it's a real job to keep these little feeders full.  AND we have to, because if one of them gets empty then the results of the scientific experiment would become flawed.  Everyday after school we bring the feeders in, weigh the seed and record our findings.  It's pretty intense (the seed Snoopy wants to win is now in 3rd place...).

Anyway the fair takes place next week.  I'm sure you'll all be on pins and needles waiting for the results.
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PS we've also been recording and sketching the types of birds we've seen at the feeders throughout our experiment.  Our major reference book has been Birds of Utah Field Guide by Stan Tekiela.  It's a great book!  Really user friendly.  (btw a quick amazon search of Stan Tekiela pulled up great deal of field guides from all different states... yours might have one too!)

So far we've seen:
House Finches
American Goldfinches
White Crowned Sparrows

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