Friday, February 22, 2013

Experiments in Birdseed

I've crossed a new hurtle of parenthood... my first science fair.  

Snoopy's science project was all about birdseed and which kind of birdseed would be the favorite of our local backyard birds.  We chose four different seed mixes and kept the feeders filled for a week.
 Check it out!  The Wild Finch Seed won with 2.93 lbs consumed in one week.
My favorite part of his presentation were the drawings he made of the birds we saw over the week.  He worked really hard on these!  He even included drawings of their eggs (we read the descriptions of them in our field guide).

At the end of the day he was a little bummed he didn't walk away with a trophy... but hey, there were a lot of first graders participating!  His dad took him out for a little something special regardless.

What did I learn?  Science Fairs are crazy places!!!  It was so noisy in that cafeteria I couldn't hear myself think.  

All in all... it was a cool experiment.  I'm glad he wanted to do it.  Now we're wondering what kind of seed would win during the spring... or summer... or fall... cause it would all depend on what birds were frequenting the feeders and that changes throughout the year.  More experiments for the future!
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