Monday, February 4, 2013

Endless Alphabet

AND... for something a little different today...
 I'm always on the lookout for a really cool app...
This week I found Endless Alphabet.  It's available for iPhones, iPads & iPods.  I'm in love with it!  Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE???  (Free for a limited time, that is- and I don't know how long that will be.)  Each letter is like a little monster that growls out the sound it makes as you match it up in it's letter space in the word.  THEN, when the letters are all matched up there's a cute/hilarious animation that defines the word... VOCABULARY BUILDER!  It's just adorable and fun and funny!  Really!  I love it so much that I decided to post about it... and we have never had a post about an app before... so, that tells you how much I love it.

SO- here's a link that tells you more, in case you're wondering.

That's it from me today- happy apping.

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