Monday, February 11, 2013

Blowing Kisses Pop Up Craft

Hi, we're on a serious project bender around here or something lately. Actually, it seems like this happened last winter around this time as well.  Hmm.

Anyway, here's a fun little craft that my kids have been enjoying. The idea came from a little pop up straw and cup thinga-ma-bob we made for a class at church.  

It was so much fun I thought we needed to make a new and improved version, with a kissy twist!

It's really pretty simple and could be done with stuff you have around the house. Also I am way super bad at writing how-to type posts! Sorry, but you've been warned.

1- Make two kiddo handprints on plain paper, and set them aside to dry.

2- Cut 2 pieces of identically shaped paper (that will fit in side the cup) and decorate them with kisses.  We used kiss stickers. 

I think lipstick kisses would have been so fun, but I didn't want Cuteness (a) thinking she can put on lipstick whenever she wants and (b) going around kissing nice light colored things all over the house with lipsticky lips. Oh, and (c) I don't think I actually have any lipstick.

3- Pop a hole in the bottom of a paper cup--- this is an adult job.  I just used a screwdriver.  Set it over the middle of the cup bottom and hit it with the palm of my hand.  

4- Now you're gonna stick the straw in through the hole.

5- Cut out and attach the handprints to the cup across from one another.

6- Attach the kisses to the straw while it sits in the cup. (This was a little tricky.  I found taping the outside of the two kissy heart papers together and then putting and extra piece of tape inside across the straw, strapping it to one of the cups worked pretty well.

Ta-da!!! Your kiss blower is ready!  Heres' how it works: The kiddo kisses the handprint, just like you'd kiss your hand if you blew a kiss (during which time the straw is mostly sticking out the bottom of the cup, with the kissy paper hidden safely inside).

Then when the kiddo goes to blow the kiss to someone special, they blow on the handrpint while pushing the straw outward--- so it looks like kisses are really coming out!

Yep, that's it!  Oh, except for one thing.  If you happen to take the straw out, Cuteness would like you to know it makes a lovely wand.

And, maybe tomorrow I'll post about an actual book...maybe.
Happy kiss blowing!
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