Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bedtime is Canceled

I have a fun fun book to share with you today! It's called Bedtime is Canceled, but before we take a look I really want to tell you a little about the creators...

It's written by Cece Meng.  She's written several children's books which are all new to me and I will quickly be finding!  She seems to be quite down to earth and just plain hilarious in real life as evidenced by her blog (called the secret blog of Cece Meng--I love that.)

It's illustrated by Aurelie Neyret. I'm very intrigued by her work. Here's her blog, such lovely art and a lot of french, so I'm not sure what most of it says. But, I will also be looking for more from her, in English, particularly the The Vacation of Mr. Rhino...if that's how it's translated?  

Now back to the main event. Here's a little peek at Bedtime Is Canceled. (FYI, there is a very funny tangent involving the principal, but I didn't get a chance include it.)  Huge thanks to Clarion Books for giving me the chance to review this!!
So, Maggie comes up with an idea that bedtime should be canceled and her brother writes a note which they show to mom and dad...who DO NOT buy it. At all.

Into the garbage it goes. Or so they think...
Turns out it ends up on the desk of a reporter...and winds up getting published. As the headline!

And in this age of information...it certainly spreads.
Though, please note, mom and dad?  Not too happy.

But, it's been written, it's been texted, it's been broadcast. So, it must be followed.  This bodes very very well for kids everywhere. 
Adults however, are not doing as well. (I'm not sure if you can tell, but mom is buttering the dog's tale.)

Maggie decides to make things right and she delivers the note herself this time. 
Let's just say this news is well received. (Partying parents seen above right.) 

As you can see, this book is cute and clever. I personally love the point it makes about adults needing bedtime to happen more so than kids needing it.  So true! Here's to bedtime NOT being canceled! Ever!

                                                   Happy reading and happy bedtime!
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