Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Arte Kids Series!!

Hello! I'm a touch excited today!! I have some cool books-- cool board books! (Need I mention my undying love for board books yet again? Oops, looks like I just did.)  These little beauties have been a fantastic burst of color and fun around here. Take a peek...
These are the first three books in a series called Arte Kids, a collaboration between the San Antonio Museum of Art, the San Antonio Library Foundation, and Trinity University Press! (That's a Texas publishing company with and undercover kid lit enthusiast who I have to thank a million times over for providing these review copies!  Seriously, she's the best!!)

As you can see, these are not your run of the mill concept books. They are filled with bold vivid images of world class art from the collections at the San Antonio Museum of Art!  It's fantastic really, museum quality art pieces brought straight to tiny tots in bright and imaginative board books! I kind of love the idea! (In case you couldn't tell.)

AND! They're bilingual!! The concepts are taught in both English and Spanish! It's simple and fun (and don't tell Cuteness, but I prefer these to learning Spanish from Dora.) Actually, Cuteness has completely taken ownership of these books, when I tried to take them out of her room last night she was like, "Hey, those are my books. I need my books!"

As I said, I have a thing for board books anyway, but when you go and add culture and color and artwork from around the world...that's really the icing on the cake!  Eventually there will be 9 books in this series with the next two coming out sometime this spring. I can't wait! (Though I suppose I'll have to share them with Cuteness...or maybe I should say I hope she'll share them with me!)

Happy reading! Adios!  
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PS- Just one more shout out to Trinity University Press! Thanks for sharing these new kid's books my kid loves!!!

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