Thursday, January 24, 2013


I feel like I should have had this book as a kid... I just happened upon in thrifting earlier this year and I'm in love with it.  Really I just don't think books get much more adorable than this.  WHAT WAS THAT! by Geda Bradley Mathews, pictures by Normand Chartier published in 1977.  Look at that!  You can get it used on Amazon for one penny + shipping (of course).

One of the reasons I'm getting such a kick out of this book right now is because Miss Kitten is obsessed with sounds lately.  A couple of weeks ago she was playing in her room when she ran to me and said "Mama!  I heard a THUMP under my bed.  Did you make that THUMP?"  The mystery began... and believe me- it continues.  She's not scared by sounds, it's more like she's very observant and interested in them.  (I won't deny it, she's at my favorite age; 2 going on 3 is just the very best... well... and then all of three is really great too.)
About the book...
Baby Bear's all snuggled into bed when he suddenly hears... an eek and a creak and a squeak.  "What was that?" he called out in the darkness.  Then he skedaddled out of bed...  ... down the hall, and swoosh!  into bed with his big brother.  Big brother kindly explains that the noises he heard were just some little mice in their mouse house getting ready for bed... he explains in good detail.

Of course after that the two bears hear a tap and a rap and a snap.  YIKES!  They run to biggest brother bear.  He puts their fears to rest... UNTIL they all hear a bump and a thump and a clump.  "What was that?"... into bed with mama and papa.
I just love the way the book ends!  You'll have to find a copy to know for yourself though.  :)  Classic awesome Golden Look-Look Book... a book that makes me and the kiddos happy.  Love it!  
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