Thursday, January 3, 2013

This is going to be a weird post, which has nothing to do with books.

Well, you've been warned.

Now then, hi!  How are you? Happy New Year!  I don't know how things are in your respective corners of the world, but I have been hearing nothing but 'goal setting this' and 'resolution that' lately.  Honestly, I am not a very good resolutiony type person. I don't know, their too lofty or maybe I'm non-committal, and a procrastinator. Something like that, anyway it doesn't usually work out.

 But this year I'm feeling like I should really do something.  You see the last half of 2012 was kind of crazy in our house.  Like I just didn't really have it together, perhaps you may have noticed this.

 I mean I'm always a bit scattered, but this was like flying by the seat of our pants all. the. time. Not my favorite thing to do.  So that's been making me think I need to step things up a bit. Then, yesterday when I was paying bills I came across a note I had scrawled for myself:

Tuesday Dec 4
3 kids + mom and dad
NO Chicken
What does that even mean? Seriously? I have no idea what happened on December 4th and what was the problem with chicken. Yup, I think the note solidifies things...I should try to be a touch more organized.
So, here's what I would love to know: Do you have one simple thing that you do that helps you stay organized? Do tell!  It can be anything, a system for doing laundry? To-do list fiend? Are you one of those printable grocery list people or super meal planners? Do you use a white board with each family member's various activities color coded-- though I'm telling you right now that might be a bit much for me at this point. Baby steps, if you will.
I am looking for one small thing to add to my current method of operation (or lack there of).  So, if you have something that's not a super big deal but helps you get things done or at least helps you remember why the 3 kids + mom and dad can't have chicken on December 4th, I'd really like to know about it. Please tell me what it is and why it helps, that would really be SO SO awesome of you!
  Happy organizing? That sounds odd...happy day!
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