Friday, January 11, 2013

The Three Little Pigs

To finish the week I'd like to pay a little homage to some classic/vintage piggies...

Beginning with James Marshall's The Three Little Pigs (1989); complete with Marshall's sarcasm, pig eating, wolf trickery, pig trickery and the wolf BOILED IN A POT (and eaten by the pig) of course.

Next we have Paul Galdone's The Three Little Pigs (1970).  (BTW, if you're looking for classic and wonderful fairy tale picture books he's your man- if you don't believe me, ask Vanessa.)  Again we've got the first two pigs being eaten, wolf trying to trick piggy number three, piggy number three out witting wolf and yes, the pig eats the wolf for supper.

Any fans of Aurelius Battaglia out there?  Here we have his Three Little Pigs (1977).  (I especially LOVE the way he illustrates wolfy- it's really wonderful!)  Again we have the first two pigs eaten up, BUT this version leaves out all the turnip picking trickery from the first two and its not clear what happens to wolfy after he's boiled alive... but it is clear that pig number 3 lives happily ever after!

Here's the story from my childhood favorite anthology (Dean's) A Book of Fairy Tales (1977 edition), illustrated by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone.  Oh how I love love love these cute little swine!  In this classic retelling all the pigs get away from the wolf (run piggy run!) the whole part with the turnips and trickery IS in this tale, the wolf does fall into the boiling pot- BUT he jumps out quickly, dashes out the door and into the forest never to be seen again.  All three pigs live happily ever after in the safe little brick house.  Lucky pigs.

I wanted to add all four different illustration interpretations of Mr. BIG BAD himself.  Isn't it fun to look at them all side by side?  I love this kind of stuff, is that weird of me?

I realize that there are MANY MANY other classic/vintage amazing beautifully illustrated versions out there in the world.  These four were the ones I came up with for today.  What did I miss?  Do you have a version I should place on my wish list?

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PS Don't forget to learn from these little pigs... It's best to do the job right the first time rather than being eaten by a wolf who will later be eaten by your brother.  (Which kinda means that your brother will eat you, in a round about way.)  Just saying.

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