Friday, January 4, 2013

Our new favorite toy & its RETRO baby!!!

So, perhaps you might expect that I'd be telling you about something my kids got for Christmas. You know, that would be logical, but...
Did you ever play with Pop Beads when you were a kid? Please say you did! They were the coolest! And, it turns out they're back!
My mom found them at Target!! We had to store them for a while because one of my kiddos is big about putting non-food items in her mouth. (If you're wondering it's not the same one who puts jewels up her nose.)  But, over winter break we got them out and can I just say, SMASH HIT!!!

When I was a kid there was only these circly ones (which Lilac is clinging to for dear life because she made like a ginormous 6 foot long chain and she didn't want it to break.) 
But now look at all the cool stuff that comes in the set! Seriously, there's all kinds of different shapes and connectors and even things to make bracelets and rings!
Lilac made me that bracelet which I think I would actually wear as real jewelry. It's cute, right? And how much do you love Rainy's necklace and crown? 
Here's a peek at more of the fun.  Cuteness quite enjoys the rings as you can see...
Anyway people, pop beads!  Seriously!  So fun!!  Oh, and I promise the next post I write will be about a book.

Happy reading beading!
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