Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Christmas Tree has gone to the BIRDS!

Several years ago I picked up a second hand copy of The After-Christmas Tree written by Linda Wagner Tyler, pictures by Susan Davis.  It's a sweet story about a family that is sad to see Christmas go so they decide to give their tree a second season by decorating it for all the birds to enjoy.  This year we decided to try that out ourselves.
Have any of you ever actually made popcorn garlands?  This was my first time and I thought it was a LOT harder than it looks.  I did the majority of the garlands.  Snoopy helped me cover pinecones in peanut butter and birdseed and we even cut up a few apples to adorn the tree.

Then I forced all of my children away from the Wii in order to decorate the tree for the birds.  (Please note the black cat in the top left hand side of above picture, this is problematic because our cats hunt the birds we invite to our lovely feeders and now to our Christmas tree for the birds... sorry birds!  It's kinda like bait and switch.)

Okay, I'll admit the tree doesn't look all that festive.  BUT we had fun, AND we've seen birds on it enjoying the treats we left for them.

Here's what the tree looks like in my mind and in the before mentioned book.  But, as you now know, the bottom of our tree is filled with prowling cats instead of woodland creatures.  We do the best we can.

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