Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Pony by Susan Jeffers

Yesterday I shared some fantastic horse non-fiction with the promise of  explaining today how the love of horses began. Our gateway book, if you will.

And, because I think this one is so beautiful I'm just going to jump straight in without any of my banter! (Really!)

 I'm fairly certain the horse obsession all started with this book...
My Pony written and illustrated by Susan Jeffers is the story of a little girl who longs for a horse of her own.  Each time she asks for a horse, her parents have to turn her down. So, she spends her time drawing her dream horse, Silver, and imaging the adventures they will take.

I don't even know where to start with the art in this book! It amazes me!  It really is like looking at a dream. Everything is soft and wispy and really just plain stunning!

 Sometimes when I read this book to Lilac at bedtime we lay there afterwards and pour over the illustrations, picking our favorites. I'm never sure if my images will do the artwork justice. In real life, these are exquisite! If you can't tell from this post, then just go find this book.

I'll have to tell you another time how we came across this book in the first place, today let me just say that it has made a lasting impression on my daughter   We got this book in June and, to this day, she continues to dream about her own horse (Silver--just like the one in the book) and adventures they'll take together.

My favorite part? Just like the girl in the book, Lilac may ask again for a pony and we'll have to say no. 

'But, for now, I am happy.
Silver waits just outside my window.
So lovely! Happy reading!
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PS- I just saw this book on Amazon! I'm thinking we have to own it! Oh, and this one too!

PPS- I wanted to tell you that as a little girl Susan Jeffers longed for a horse, but she thinks that had she gotten one, she wouldn't have found out how much she loved drawing.

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