Monday, February 4, 2013

Melted Crayon Valentines

Have you all melted old crayons to make new crayons before?  I VERY VIVIDLY remember doing this for the first time as a child.  Of course back then we just had to do it in a muffin tin... and getting the new crayons out was tricky.  Mostly I remember the smell... oh the smell (do you know the smell of crayons melting in your oven?, cause it's very distinct).
 Just in case you are new to melting old crayons to make new crayons... here are the steps:

1- remove wrappings from crayons

2- place naked crayons into oven safe molds (we used those awesome shaped ice trays you get from ikea... they work perfect... the molds pop out just right once hardened)

3- bake/melt in the oven (I set ours to 300' they melted completely in about 15 min)

4- carefully remove from oven- let the melted wax harden, we popped ours out of the mold about 20 min after removed from heat

5- color with your new crayons!!!

We used three different molds for this activity; hearts, puzzle pieces & a long shape.  Miss Kitten claimed most of the hearts for herself right away.  The next day she spent the whole morning toting those crayons around the house and coloring in different places.

I think it would be fun to make many of these hearts to give out with valentines for Snoopy to exchange at school.  I don't know if he's on board with the idea or not... but I think it would be cool.  Of course you'd have to specify that they are NOT AN EDIBLE TREAT... though they do look yummy enough to eat.  (And I remember kids from school who did eat crayons...)

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