Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love between big and little...

So, I was going to go on and on about how it's okay to post a love book because Valentine's Day stuff has probably been floating all over Pinterest since Dec 26th, but guess what? These books are both about love between somebody big and somebody little...and I have three somebody littles that I love all the time, not just on Valentine's Day so why not read about it all the time, not just on Valentine's Day?

Of course, you could read about it on Valentine's Day too... or to get ready for Valentine's Day...let's see how many times I can type the words Valentine's Day when I clearly told you this is not a post about Valentine's Day.

Anyway, the cute books? Here they are...
 In No Matter WhatSmall is feeling grumpy and perhaps a bit ignored. (The book actually starts with Large talking on the phone and the mop is by her side...sound like a familiar scenario for the little one to be grumpy about?)  Small wants to know if he's even loved at all!

Of course Large (these are their actual names in the book) scoops him right up and they begin a fun back and forth about how much she loves him. If you like Stinky Face, this little board book will win you over too!

Plus, it's got a cute ending where they talk about how far love reaches.  And, I love that last picture where they're cuddled looking at the stars!

Sorry the image for this one is a bit wacky...I couldn't make it cooperate!  Never Too Little to Love stars Tiny Too-Little. He loves Topsy Too-Tall and he'd really like to get up to her and give her a kiss. But it's a long way.

So, he starts stacking things up, in order to get taller  I'm not sure you can tell above, but some of the pages are cut,  so each item he stacks adds to the list of things you read. I love those pages! Oh, and the pages of him attempting to balance on his stack are so great too!

Finally when it seems like all is lost, Topsy Too-Tall saves the day by bending WAY down and giving Tiny Too-Little a great big kiss! Adorable!

Give your Smalls and Tiny Too-Littles an extra squeeze today! Happy reading!
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