Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Junior Cookbook Blast From the Past

A few months back as I was browsing the shelves of my local thrift store I ran into an old friend, Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book .  I spent many many hours of my childhood in conjunction with this book... looking at, and reading, and planning, and begging my mother to make things with me... hours and hours.  When I saw it for a buck, I couldn't resist bringing it home.

I finally got it out and showed it to my kids this week.  I'm horrible, this is the first time they'd seen it because I know my kids.  They are like I was when I was a kid.  SUPER DUPER PROJECT KIDS!  Which means they are always wanting to make, create, bake, cook; you know do all the stuff they need lots of help to do.  And I really love it!  BUT, I also sometimes like to do these things on my own terms and time table.

We chose to make the Caramel Corn since we got an air popper just a couple months ago and you know that making popcorn with an air popper makes it 100% more fun, right?  It does.
Anyways, it was all a great success!  Also you must know that this cookbook is filled with the most fantastic and strange recipes.  There are things in here (like frosted meatloaf?) that completely horrified my mother and horrifies me now that I'm an adult.  There are also lots of fun basic recipes and really great late 70's photo illustrations.  It's just all kinds of fabulous!
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