Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow dry your house down?

Well, I bet you can't guess what story I'm talking about today can you? 

Really? What gave it away?

I'm Kidding! Of course, its The Three Little Pigs!! And we're gonna be sharing different versions of it for the rest of the week! Fun right?  (I hope you think that'll be fun since I just said we're doing it all week.  I guess if wolves and swine aren't your thing, tune in next week?)

Anyway, I'm kicking things off today with a bit of three little pigs house building fun!  My kids are all fans of this story so I knew they would have a good time doing a little building and 'huffing and puffing' of our own...
First we made piggies from pink paper and toilet paper rolls and dressed the blow dryer up to look like a wolf.  The girls had a fantastic time with this, by the way, who'd a thought? After dinner we got to building...

Team straw was Rainy and me. Since we don't happen to have straw nearby, I just cut a bunch of tall grass from field near our house. We were working on a plan of bunching and stacking the stuff, but Rainy just took over and pretty much decided to simply surround her pig with grass.
I should note here, the 'wolf' had the most success blowing houses down when it went from a lower angle.  Anyway, just like in the book, the house of straw did not make it.

Next was team sticks.  This was Lilac, who wanted to fly solo (like completely solo, she barely let us touch her house.)  She was the one who choose to use pencils as sticks. The tape was a bonus, we couldn't decide what the pig would have used to make his stick house stay together. It seems like if it would have been done with a hammer and nails he might have been okay when the wolf came.
 in our case, the stick house ended up caving as well. It actually landed right on top of the piggy, poor thing.

Finally we had team bricks, Cuteness & Daddy.  We went with dominoes for bricks. I'm sure there are dozens of other brick-ish thing-a-mabobs out there. Legos would be super sturdy, for example.
The brick house faired well against the wolf when the pigs were inside it, but when we took the pigs out the 'wolf' was able to blow the house down (I guess because of the gaps you see between the dominoes? I don't know.)

It's probably the best thing that could have happened really, so we didn't have fighting about who made the best house. In the end, they all took a beating.  And of course, the moral? I think the lesson we've learned is: If you ever see a blow dryer dressed as a wolf heading toward you...you better run for it.

 Happy huffing and puffing!
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