Friday, January 18, 2013

Gyo For it!!

Guess what, his HER name is really pronounced Ghee-o.  But maybe a couple of you didn't know that and the title still seemed like it made sense? Yup, that's the best I've we're just gonna keep Gyo-ing with this baby. (This is bad..sorry!)

Anyway, I didn't tell you about any of the books we got for Christmas! What is wrong with me? Sorry, I'm doing it today with this lovely little gem...

It is very cool! And by cool I mean filled with ultra lovely art which I enjoy staring at for hours.  A giant thank you to Melissa who first introduced me to Gyo Fujikawa here. Actually, Santa almost brought the mini library for Cuteness' stocking...he went with the Gruffalo board book instead.. but he--or I-- one of us, or both of us perhaps, couldn't resist giving this book!
 I love the D pages for some reason... these dreams the little kiddos are having are perfectly drawn D dreams...a little frightening, but I really love the juxtaposition.

And the alternating between black and white illustrations and color is fantastic!  (Secret? I think I enjoy the black and white illustrations a touch more... though there are some really fantastic color ones so maybe I take that back.)

Wait, look I didn't know that Melissa had posted on this very book and she shared the color illustrations of letter T which I adore! This one is very cool too...

Guess what. This week was the book fair at Lilac's school and there was a Gyo Fujikawa book at the book fair! It was all nicely displayed up on a higher shelf (where no kids were going to see it...why wasn't the Dora book on that high shelf...she was smack dab at toddler eye level... and someone couldn't leave without a dora book...which included more than 200 stickers...which are now all over my house...)

Anyway, I saw the Gyo book when we were walking out and I actually stopped the girls briefly thinking I'd just get it real quick, until I realized that meant standing in line again and taking the risk that those 200 stickers might end up all over the library.

My point? There may be a Gyo Fujikawa book at a book fair near you, if you want to see it, look up!

Happy reading!
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