Thursday, January 17, 2013

Frosted Meat Loaf???

I bring the people what they want... here are five really incredible selections from Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book , 1979.  Yesterday I posted a little something about this book, and I feel like I left everyone wanting more.  So here you are... five recipes that I couldn't turn away from as a child.  I was fascinated by each one.  (I never made any of them btw... I hate bananas and I think you'll understand my aversion to the rest... I think.)
Mostly I just love that this is a recipe!  Awesome!  (but I could not eat that... even though I know there are many people who LOVE peanut butter and bananas.)
These little salads are cute, right?  But eating little mice?  I don't know...  I don't know.
And these kinda look like mice too... Also I don't like chocolate or bananas... two strikes.
I know there are people who love dishes similar to this... its like a big thanksgiving tradition for some... not for me.
There's that Frosted Meat Loaf I mentioned yesterday... really I can hardly look at it.  I mean even in my normal state (let alone my current state of hormonal nausea aka pregnancy) it's just too much.  Really.  I'm not wrong on this, am I?  Anyone out there had frosted meat loaf before???  I can't do any more on this post, cause while I type I see the picture.  I'm out.
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PS DISCLAIMER:  This post makes it seems as if I think this cookbook is some kind of atrocity, I DO NOT!  I love this cookbook.  It's all nostalgic and wonderful to me, and there are good recipes that I like in it too... but I felt like you all wanted to see the freak show side of the book, so that's what I've compiled here.

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