Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthdays and Dragons and lets play pretend...

Hi, I'm going to do a really bad job of explaining this, if you're wondering. Anyhoo, have you ever read a book and thought, yes!  That is exactly what a child sees in their mind when they play pretend?  You know, like the art just captures a piece of imagination or something?  Well, that's what we have with these two books! 

First, It's My Birthday, which is a sweet little board book where a little boy gets some animal friends to help him make a cake...
 It's written and illustrated by  Helen Oxenbury and it has the 'build onto the story' style where with each new animal he meets he explains which items he already has and which he needs next. 
 (I think I mentioned this before, but I love Helen Oxenbury's animal drawings!)
 One of the cutest parts is what happens after the cake is baked and ready.  See how the animals think he's gonna eat it all himself.  Don't worry furry friends...
Cuteness is quite fond of this one. It's simple and sweet and about birthdays. Hooray! And after we read it at bed time, I always have to sing Happy Birthday as her lullaby.

This next book is even more delightful, if I do say so myself.  And it rhymes, which we know I love! This time the writing is done by Peter Bently with Oxenbury providing the wonderful art.
King Jack and the Dragon finds Jack and his men out on a quest to build a castle and slay dragons...
 And boy what a day they make of it!  I especially love the picture where they are frightening all the beasts away by saying RAHHH!!!
But, one by one Jacks men are dragged away to bed by 'giants'...
  Left alone to battle King Jack feel confident at  first...until a big four legged thing approaches...
And the sweet ending?

"I knew you weren't REALLY dragon," yawned Jack 
as he bravely rode home on a big giant's back.

This one just came out of the library bag last night, but I can guarantee we have fort building and dragon slaying in our immediate future around here! I just might have to join in, the laundry can be the dragon!
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