Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Birds of Bethlehem

I am so very excited to give you a peek of today's book! It is so beautiful and unique!
The Birds of Bethlehem is a new Christmas book created by Tomie dePaola! The story develops as the birds are eating breakfast and talking about events that occurred the previous day.

Each pair of birds takes a chance to tell the others about the strange or astounding thing they saw. The events they describe are things that took place in Bethlehem just over 2000 years ago.
Things like, the many people journeying toward Bethlehem...
The inn being full...

 The angel appearing to the shepherds.
As you can see the art is, of course, wonderful! But, can I just draw you attention to the colors he used? They are so earthy and fresh, and they have almost a glow to them. 

Can I just give a huge thank you to Nancy Paulsen Books for allowing me to review this gem! This book is simply worded and gorgeous and just the loveliest of books! What a fabulous and unique way for children to hear more about the true meaning of Christmas!

Happy Reading!

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