Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Things are a little nuts for both Whitney and I right now (as I am certain they are for all of you).  Because of that I'd like to share a little Christmas post with you today and wish you all the very best holiday season!  We will both try to check in a time or two during the next few weeks and then we'll be back at it after the week of new years!  Cheers!
 Now, about this baby.  That's me, quite a few years ago.  I was born on Christmas day.  And almost everyone who ever hears my birthday lands on Christmas day apologizes.  "That must just be a terrible day for a birthday."  NOT SO.  I absolutely love it.   Having a birthday on Christmas has always been wonderful for me.  I've got an incredible family that has always made me feel special to have been born on this day.  I often wonder about this current age of medicine and inducements, I wonder if the number of Christmas births will or has gone down.  As for me, I'm happy to celebrate on the very best day of the year!
Merry Christmas!  xoxoxox
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