Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Festival of Lights

Happy Chanukah everyone!  As you may know, both Robyn and I love learning about other cultures and traditions.  However, both of us have a very limited selection of Chanukah books available at our hometown libraries (which is pretty sad actually).

Anyway, here are a few Chanukah books we've read and enjoyed...
How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? Another fun installment of the How Do Dinosaur books, Robyn shared it here.
Runaway Dreidel! is a Chanukah remake of Twas the Night Before Christmas posted by Whit here.
A Chanukah Present for: Me! This is actually a board book that Cuteness picked out at the Book Fair (because it looks like a present).  It's a cute and simple introduction to Chanukah.
Letter on the Wind: A Chanukah Tale has more complex text, but it's a lovely folktale about a man who sends a letter on the wind to try and save Chanukah for his town.

Also, last year we learned about the menorah and made these hand print menorahs.

My kids are getting old enough that we can (for the most part) enjoy playing games together. Perhaps this week it would be fun to play dreidel. They sell them at Target and here are simple instructions.

Happy reading and Mazel Tov!
(because I always want a chance to say that and there's only been one other time when it was actually appropriate.)
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