Thursday, December 27, 2012

Doing downtime like a scurvy dog!

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  How early were your kids up?  Do any of you let them get up at like 3:00am and just get to it so you don't have to be awakened every 1O minutes until the time you actually want them to wake up?

Well, now that the big day is over we have a bit of reprieve from the constant craziness and running everywhere. Hopefully you do too! Anyway, Robyn and I thought it might be nice to post a few ideas of things to do in the down time days when the kids are home from school, but perhaps you don't want to go into full on massive project mode. And I've got a super simple one for you today...

You'll need the long balloons (like the ones for balloon animals) and some post-its.  That's all.  Its an easy order to fill around our house because the balloon animal thingies seem to be frequent fliers in the packages my mother-in-law sends. Yea!

Just blow up the balloons and stick a post-it on the end of each one.  The kids hold the balloon like a sword and try to get the other person's post-it off. The person with their post-it on the longest wins! It's totally safe indoor sword fighting!

It's also virtually impossible to photograph, but here are Lilac and Rainy doing their best to give you a frozen demo-ish pose. Toss in a cute pirate book and make a day of it...okay, maybe an hour of it. Here's a new one that's kind of fun:

The Pirates Next Door is a cute little book about some pirates who move into a vacant house in a suburbia.  They lead a swashbuckling life much to the dismay of most the neighbors, who finally run the pirates out. But, there's no love lost on the pirate end of things. They leave everyone a bit of buried treasure...turns out pirate neighbors aren't so bad after all!
Happy relaxing! 

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