Friday, December 7, 2012

DK Pocket Genius

I'm not lying when I say cool well designed non-fiction books are the MOST used and carried around and poured over in my home.  In fact just recently our large DK Eyewitness Book Living World actually lost it's hard back cover because of such frequent use.  SO... when I saw the DK Pocket Genius series I got really excited because they are small, heavy duty and filled with cool information and incredible pictures.
 This gives you and idea of the size.  Fits right in your hand... these are hand sized books.

Here are a couple spreads from each book I have (courtesy DK Publishing, thank you!).
This little gem contains all things Space .  Honestly each of these books is JAM PACKED with information.  But they are easy to navigate and pick and choose what you'd like to read and or learn about.

 Here are a couple of pages from the Earth book.  I love this one.  It covers types of land, ocean, atmosphere, climate... SO COOL.

Of course I think the Bugs books is incredible.  I'm obsessed with the world of insects.  Look at those amazing pictures and do you see how above each insect there's a little circle that gives you and idea of the actual size of the bug?  I love that.  A very user friendly guide!

The Sharks book is wonderful too- the pictures are amazing!  And there are similar size guides above each creature and so so so much information.  

The Pocket Guides series also includes: Ancient Egypt , AnimalsDinosaurs  and Rocks and Minerals .  Next year they're coming out with more; including Human Body, Science, Horses and Mammals.

What can I say?  We love non-fiction.  My sister sent Snoopy a field guide about the birds of North America for his birthday.  When he got it he asked if we could read the whole thing.  I tried to explain that it was a reference book, that people just read bits and pieces.  He didn't get it.  We've been reading it page by page before bed each night since his birthday.  We're about half way through and he MAKES SURE we don't miss a day.  Yeah, we love non-fiction.

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