Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crazy painting clothespins...

So I saw a clothespin wreath kind of thing on Pinterest. It was for holding tea bags, anyway, I thought..oooh something like that would be so great for holding Christmas cards! Then I thought, now how can the kids help?  Here's how: They can paint the clothespins, but not just paint, crazy paint! 

As you see above, we put some clothespins in a bag, squirted a bit of paint in and shook the bag like crazy. It was awesome! I only had to tell them like twice to be careful not to pop the bags.

Anyway, to make them more colorful, we shook them in one color, let them dry a bit then dropped them in a bag with another color and shook again. (If you go the two color route, let them dry really well or the colors will just blend.)

Then daddy did a bunch of measurements and some exacto knifing and made us this cool cardboard circle. And, NO, that is not an optical illusion-- two sisters are willingly sitting right by each other and painting the same thing at the same time. Wow, right?

After everything dried, I got my turn, I'm the glue gun wielder in this house. And the ribbon picker-outer. (By the way, I never want to go to Michael's again. You go in with an idea in mind and then there are like 4 billion different options.  Oddly though, none of them are quite what you had in mind, so you spend 20 minutes in the ribbon aisle muttering to yourself and eventually just leave with the cheapest one you can find... At least that's what I do...too much information?)

Anyway, I faced the opening of almost all the clothespins outward, but I did put a few facing into the circle so the cards could be spaced out more. Also, one good thing from the Michael's trip was those little tiny clothespins with the felt stars on them. I stuck those on too, for more directions for the cards to face.

 But guess what, I didn't have any cards yet... so here's a few art projects, a Macy's National Santa Tour postcard, and an illustration from a book that looks just adorable and is coming out next year.

I'm thinking now that something like this would be lovely to have around all year for me to clip important papers and receipts and such.  I'm pretty sure this is the one I saw on pinterest and they used strips of scrapbook paper to cover the clothespins which is really quite cute...but not nearly as crazy.

Happy reading!
 (Though this post is bookless, sorry!) 
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