Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wombat

Earlier this year I found the cutest of books, Diary of a Wombat written by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley. (And I shared it with all of you, of course.) Well, guess what! There's a Christmas Wombat book created by the same people! Hooray! The Wombat's sweet silliness continues...

So, in case you don't know, the Wombat has a thing for carrots. A serious thing for carrots!  And one night there just happens to be a nice big bowl of carrots set out...obviously for the wombat, not who or whatever those other things are...

Apparently reindeer don't know this, but one does not get between a wombat and it's carrots.
How cute is that stand off? The art in this book is SO wonderful, and combine it with text made up of the wombat's thoughts, mostly on carrots, it's cute and silly! Who doesn't love that combination is a picture book?

After fighting off the reindeer (aka 'strange creatures'). A world carrot adventure ensues, courtesy of Santa's sleigh...
Seriously, the adorableness! You know what, I think we'll leave extra carrots for the reindeer this year, a big BIG bowl and maybe a wombat will come to our house. I hope so!

I also hope the wombat finds out about more holidays!  I imagine there could be quite an interesting confrontation between the wombat and the Easter Bunny...oooh, I'd love to hear about that! 

Happy reading, and happy carrot eating!
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PS- This book was sent to me for review purposes and all the opinions are my own.  The  very very cute artwork is courtesy of the publisher and credited to the illustrator and enjoyed by eveyone in my house!

PPS- I just dont think I can leave out my 5 year old's review of the book. "It's all about carrots! (Accompanied by a somewhat confused face.) And then, "It's cute!" (Accompanied by a big grin.) She's pretty much spot on folks, it is all about carrots and it is cute!

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