Monday, December 10, 2012

Can You Find It Series & I Spy Ornament!

Rainy is really into I spy books right now and I've been looking around for something new or different in the I spy world. You know, just to mix it up a bit.  Anyway, I found something cool. I really want to get these...
They're full of artwork from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And you look for stuff, like I spy style, in the art! I really think they look so great!

I also happened to spy, with my little eye, an 'I spy' style Christmas ornament at a friend's house the other day and I thought it looked fun and simple (which are like the top two project requirements around here. Number three would be easy to clean up, if you're wondering.) So I picked up a few things...
And we made them...
  • The kids each picked out the items they wanted to be able to 'spy' in their ornament.
  • We poured in a 1/4 cup poly pellets (see PS for info on Poly Pellets)
  • They dropped in the findy stuff (I had to help with the wider items: trees and poinsettias.)

  • We topped it off with poly pellets-- a 1/2 cup this time SO that puts it at 3/4 cup total. (Before putting the top on I stuck my finger in and stirred the findy stuff around so it wasn't all squished in the middle.)
  • Add some ribbon and a little tag which tells you what to look for and that's that. 

These are heavy little guys so I'm thinking I might add a touch of hot glue to keep the metal topper in place when they are hanging on the tree. So far they are being shaken and spied at like crazy!! Very fun!

So, what'd ya think? Would you like one? Great!  We're giving 2 away!! Yes, TWO!! Here's how to enter...US mailing addresses only please...
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(Tell me about your shares in comments-- oh and tell me if you win, do you want your ornament to be sent ready to hang on the tree or do you want me to send you a kit of the supplies so you can make it with your kiddos?)

I'll post 2 winners on Friday, December 14th at 8:00am
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PS-Now, the filler--its called poly pellets-- this stuff was seriously tricky to locate. I think I kept on describing it wrong! One place thought I wanted to buy bean bag filling for bean bag chairs---the package of stuff was larger than my 5 year old. Do you know how many ornaments that would have made?
That's what the package I got looks like. Anyway, if you're making these ornaments, Joann's has it. Ask for Poly Pellets by name (does that sound like the excrement from a Polly Pocket to anyone else?) and have them look in the computer because I called twice and went in once before they even figured out they had it. Good luck!

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