Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bottle Top Ornaments

Look what I got in the mail! (Yes, Robyn and I occasionally send rather odd items to one another through the mail, like acorns or ketchup bottles or bottle caps. My favorite part is when the post office ladies ask me if I need insurance. Nope, it's just a plastic ketchup bottle, costs less than the postage.)

But these bottle caps, I was stoked to get these because I wanted to make bottle cap Christmas ornaments! Everyone else out in blog land has so much fun with bottle caps, I thought my kids should get in on some of that.  (And let me tell you, they were WAY into it, bottle caps may be Cuteness' new favorite toy.)

Anyway, here's what we did....

1. We sorted the caps by size and color so we knew what we had to work with. 

2. The kids helped me come up with different ways to hot glue the bottle caps together giving us a bunch of styles of ornaments.

3. We embellished them with jewels! Yep, straight up jewels--- I was orginally thinking puff balls or something, but they always stick to my fingers when I'm gluing them.  Not a problem with the jewels, a little dab of glue then press the jewel on for a second and you're golden.   

That's Rainy in action!  I know I've mentioned this tip before but a little glue in an old lid and a teeny tiny paintbrush are the best glue application tools for kids! Totally controls the amount of glue--and with this project you really just want a little or the jewels would slide all over.  Here's a peek at the finished products...

I really feel for some reason that I should tell you the specific name we gave each type of ornament, I don't know why, but here goes:
long barrels (top left), Mickeys (top right),
light bulbs (bottom left), and cakes (bottom right).

And these are:
wreaths (top left), rudolphs (top right),
snowmen (bottom left) and ornaments (bottom right)
-- really I think we just called those ones ornaments, go figure.

Here's a look at a few on the tree, and of course a few being rearranged by a helpful little munckin. Honestly, that's the best part about these ornaments: they can be touched and moved around and played with as much as the kids want. And if one breaks-- or the dog eats it, no biggie, it was a bottle cap! 
Happy jewel gluing!
(I bet no one's ever said that to you before.)post signature
PS-  I'm thinking I better include a little disclaimer here at the end which may or may not be hypethetical:
If you have a 5 year old who is obsessed with the jewels and likes to take them off the ornaments and hoard them, be sure not to let her give a nostril sized one to her 2 year old sister while said sister is zoning out watching Dora.

I mean, you never know, but there is a chance the jewel could end up going in one of her nostrils. And, if that happened there's a possiblity is could be a tad stressful for all parties involved....maybe....I can't say for sure. But, I'd try to avoid something like that if I were you.

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