Friday, December 14, 2012

Book Inspired Christmas Ornaments...

Hey guess what! I'm announcing the giveaway winners today! Like, right now...

Melissa & Anne!!!!
So, ladies, I need an email address to get in touch with you and get your addresses and such. I'd love to send them today. If I don't hear from you in 24 hours I'm afraid I'll have to draw another winner.

Oh, and please tell me: do you want me to send your ornament already assembled so it can go right on the tree or do you want all the items in a little kit so you can put it together with the kiddos? Hooray! Let me know!

Speaking of ornaments and hooraying, here are some book inspired Christmas ornaments that are hung on trees around the blogosphere...

Thumbelina! Beautiful, yes? From Vanessa at Silly Eagle (tutorial here).

Here's a Grinch from Melissa at Honey Bee Books (her take here.)
I think you could use a balloon for his head if the light bulb makes you nervous.

Melissa at Honey Bee also has a Christmas Wombat ornament! Australians have all the luck with cool book stuff!!
She didn't make this, but she told me about it after I posted my review of the book and put a pic on fb for me.

And look what Danzel from Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes has on her tree! I love Olivia!!

And check out this fantastic snitch from Gabrielle at Ting Apartment Crafts. (Tutorial here.)

Also if you want to try your hand at making some booky ornaments, Jackie at My Little Bookcase has a whole challenge dedicated to it and people will be linking up throughout the month (The Grinch and the Snitch were her inspiration.)

Next year I think we're just gonna go book ornament crazy and make/find as many booky tree decorations as we can!

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