Friday, November 16, 2012

You're gonna want to gobble gobble these...

Do you know what you're taking to Thanksgiving dinner? Or, maybe the kids need something to do while all the prep is going on.  Well, I-- actually, my mom and dad-- have a great solution for you (they thought of this idea a few years ago.)  It's fruit turkeys baby!

Yes, you read that correctly.



(As in turkeys made from fruit.) These little guys are a tradition, or they have been since my parents came up with the idea. Making these in one of my favorite things we do on Turkey Day. (They're way more fun than football.)
We use a watermelon for the base/body of the turkey. The kids get to skewer the fruit in whatever pattern they want (careful with the pokey end of course).

 When one skewer is full they stick it in the rind side of the watermelon (this step requires a little adult help.) Toothpicks can be used too and work well for making faces on the fruit turkey.
They're fun and tasty, win win!!
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PS- What? It's a book blog? Oh, right!  Well every year at Thanksgiving we always read this which I told you about last year. And, Arthur's Thanksgiving, its kind of a classic around here. Lilac had a serious Arthur phase there for quite a while. It's got a great ending!

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