Friday, November 9, 2012

Whose Baby is That?

I've been wanting to share this book (treasure) on here for a while now.  With a snow storm (in my part of the world) on the horizon for this weekend I thought today would be the perfect day.

Whose Baby is That? a 1966 Tell-A-Tale Book by Clair Jones illustrated by Stina Nagel is a book from my childhood.  The tattered copy I've photographed here has been in that condition for as long as I can remember.  My mom kept this book safely tucked away in one of her dresser drawers.  I remember her taking it out special to read to me every now and then.

It's such a sweet story.  All of the animals are so concerned about this little baby dolly left out in the cold.  I remember my own mama choking up, her eyes filling with tears up as she read it to me when I was very young.  I also remember asking her why it made her so sad... not fully understanding.

I understand now.  I do the same thing.  

The animals talk a lot about getting into their own homes, but none of them can just leave this poor helpless baby.

My mom gave me this book a little over a decade ago.  It's completely falling apart.  It's been taped and re-taped.  It's been scribbled in and torn.  But, I love it.  It's a treasure of mine now and I keep it in a safe place.  Occasionally I get it out to read to my children, and one day I'll certainly give it to one of them.

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