Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday gifts that just may end up under our trees...

Well, starting tomorrow the holiday shopping insanity will commence.  Maybe you are one of the smart folks who has everything purchased and hidden safely away.  Lucky you if that's the case, if not, we're in the same boat and here are a few of the things we're considering....

We recently discovered Clarice Bean, written by the always loved Lauren Child.  Clarice stars in both picture and chapter books and I have a feeling this box set could end up being Lilac's favorite and her best this holiday season. -w
Do you know NINJAGO?  So, the Lego people are marketing geniuses.  They created the world of Ninjago with all the awesome Ninja characters and they created the tv show.  I'll tell you what, they are making bank.  All my kids want for Christmas this year... NINJAGO.  That's it.  And I'm thinking if I get this DK's LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia for them, I have no doubt that they would pour over it more than any other book in our book filled house. -r

Our library has mass amounts of these architectural wooden blocks and my kids love them so much I'm thinking this Christmas we really need to invest in a set of our own. My two favorite things about them? They don't take batteries and all three of my kids (ages 2-8) like to use them!  Now I just have to figure out which ones I'm gonna buy. It might be these or it might be these. -w

I already told you here how much my kids LOVE this series.  (As I type Bibs is actually making another Dragon to add to his collection.)  We've been borrowing these books from the library but I'm really contemplating getting the How to Train Your Dragon: Hardcover Gift Set .  It would be an awesome collection to own and I know these are books my kids would be excited to open up on Christmas morning. -r

Have you seen these hinged frames before? They open to easily change displayed artwork. (And some of them have a storage area in the back for keeping artwork that isn't being showcased up front).  I think this would make a great gift for a budding artist. Or, the kiddos could give this to a parent/grandparent along with an IOU for 12 pieces of art so it could be updated each month. -w

In the near future you'll be seeing a post with more detail about these books.  BUT, until then I want you to know what awesome gifts they would make.  These are the think out of the book type coloring books... I mean honestly they aren't even coloring books.  Let's Make Some Great Art and Let's Make Some Great Fingerprint Art are awesome art books for kids that I really actually just want for myself... and I want to fill them entirely by myself.  That's how cool they are. -r

It could be very Mo-eee Christmas at your house! Did you know that they make stuffed animals of our favorite Mo characters? Way more than just these two. Check them all out! (Except that site doesn't show Cat the Cat, here she is. I know this gift would go over well because we got Knuffle Bunny and the book Knuffle Bunny Too for Rainy on her birthday and she LOVED it! (the plush was much cheaper than I could find a link for on amazon.) -w

I'm sure I don't even need to tell anyone how fantastic the Scholastic Storybook Treasures are.  Look at these amazing DVD collections though.  We've been enjoying the smaller DVD sets (borrowed from the library) for years now.  Every time I bring one home the kids are super excited to watch (and me too).  These collections; 25 Fairytales, Magic... and More , 50 Preschool Stories and 100 Storybook Classics, I want to own EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  This is the kind of stuff that wouldn't drive me bonkers if the kids were watching it while on a road trip. -r

I don't know why this one doesn't seem to be available on Amazon, but its definitely cool.  Its a bunch of science experiments that use a 2 liter bottle, and the book and supplies come inside a 2 liter bottle (which is two separate pieces that screw together). We actually picked one up a year or two ago for small scientist friend of ours (we got it from Barnes and Noble.)  I think my kids would have a blast with it-- they'd have a literal blast if one of the experiments is coke and mentos...and I think Santa might even be able to stick this into someone's stocking!! -w

Finally, I am pretty certain that Miss Kitten MUST have this Pink Sparkle Ukulele .  We're a jam session family with Dad & Snoopy on guitar, Bibs plays his green uke and you know what?  Miss Kitten needs in on the action.  That's all there is to it.  (You should know that I'm not saying any of my children actually know how to play actual chords or read music... maybe someday, for now they know how to make noise!) -r

Well, there you have a sneak peek at some of the fun that might be unwrapped at our houses on Christmas morning.  I wonder how early  the unwrapping will begin this year. For that matter, I wonder how early Black Friday will begin this year. Last year it started on Thursday night.  Maybe this year retailers are going to skip the food altogether and just have sales all day long. Hmmm, will you be joining in the mayhem?

If so, happy shopping!
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