Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Uri Shulevitz and The Treasure

Have you ever read anything by Uri Shulevitz?  I happen to love his book Snow. I've actually mentioned it briefly twice already, just here and here.  But I'm doin' it again for a minute.  Simple, sparse text and the loveliest of illustrations!  Please go check it out if you have a kiddo in the 3-5 crowd for sure, though kids a bit older will still enjoy it.

Anyway, because I love that book so, I was super excited to find another book by him at the library. 
The Treasure is a wonderful story about a poor man named Isaac. I seriously love the outcome of this book! So much that I hate hate to give it away! (Mostly because I won't summarize it as well as it's actually written.)  I'll just say this: Isaac sets out to find treasure, only to discover that, "Sometimes one must travel far to discover what is near." 

And remember how I said I love the illustrations in Snow? Well these are cool too, they have almost this glowy golden feel to them.  Plus Shulevitz draws the most amazing cities! When I look at all the crowded buildings and the turrets and such, I feel like I'm staring straight into olden day Prague (or some place that people in Mission Impossible movies go). I love it!
But, not only are his cities super cool, he has a way of adding comedy to his character drawings. While artistic and lovely, the people are often drawn with a touch of silliness about them which I believe is perfect for a children's book. (Here you see the captain of the guard in The Treasure.)
I'm officially on the look out for more books by Uri Shulevitz.  He seems to have A LOT, I hope I can find them. Do you have a favorite by him that I might enjoy?  
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