Monday, November 12, 2012

Turkeys and toilet paper rolls...

So, remember Robyn's adorable toilet paper and egg carton dragons? How much did you love them? I was a big fan!  Such a fan that I decided we needed an egg and TP craft too and we went with a Thanksgiving one.

Are your kids involved with the Thanksgiving stuff, like the table and the food? My kids usually make the place mats, decide where everyone will sit, pick how to fold the napkins. (They love stuff like that.)  This year, they took over the napkin ring department! Yep, enter the egg cartons and toilet paper rolls...
I doubt I need to explain this, but I just cut apart the egg cartons and sliced up a few toilet paper rolls, then handed them all over to the art department. Above you see Cuteness painting hers with the the help of Daddy (he was the holder, what a nice daddy.) And actually you wouldn't even have to paint them, but my kids love paining, so we did that first.

After they dried they dressed up the egg cups (is that what you'd call them)  using a variety of things I gathered up: feathers, mini popsicle sticks, paper cut in different shapes, etc. (I put all the stuff in a muffin pan to keep it organized-- for a minute anyway.) You could use anything: pipe cleaners, puff balls, googly eyes-- anything you have on hand.
I don't know how fancy you do it up at Thanksgiving, but if you feel these aren't quite dressy enough for your table, might I suggest dusting them in glitter? I don't think it gets more fancy than that. Anyway, I love how they all came out! So cute and unique and totally fun! The only thing left to do was hot glue the egg carton turkeys to the TP rings.

I should say that a friend was at the house just as we were finishing the decorating step she was very very clearly less than impressed! She was like, 'So, why are you making these? It's like a tradition or something?' I think when I told her it was the first time we'd done it and it was just for fun (but yes, we were using them on the actual table) she thought I was basically a total weirdo for thinking they were cool. 

Well, maybe I am a total weirdo, I mean that's probably not even  a question, but here's a sampling of what can only be called Thanksgiving adorableness in my book...
Dinner guests are already jockeying for position to get the best napkin ring-- okay, that'd be Daddy. (He wants the one in the top right corner with all the gobblers and beaks. He's put in a request.)  I wonder which one I'll get. 

So, do any of you have any  'total weirdo' holiday stuff going on? I hope so!!
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