Friday, November 30, 2012

Paul Zelinsky's Fairy Tales

Happy Friday! If you have been following this week you know that I have been showcasing the beautiful artwork of Paul O. Zelinsky and sharing with you his amazing artistic range. Today I have my favorite of his works, his fairy tales.  (FYI, these books are not the sugarcoated version fairy tales, they're retellings of the Grimm stories.)

Oh, they are so so wonderfully illustrated! The first two received Caldecott Honors and the final one the Caldecott Medal. Anyway, I think that's enough chit chat. Let's take a peek...

Hansel and Gretel is the first fairy tale he worked on. This one is retold by Rika Lesser and illustrated by Zelinsky. The art has an airy grey overtone--like fog in the woods, fits perfectly with the despair in the storyline.

Next came Rumpelstiltskin which Zelinsky retold and illustrated.  This one is gorgeous--so rich and glossy with all the gold. Also, can I just say Rumpelstiltskin himself, spot on! I like how his eyes are almost like Gollum. Do you see it? (This is Lilac's favorite.)

And finally we have Rapunzel. Zelinsky did both the retelling and the illustrations in this one as well.  The loveliness of this art!  I have no other way of describing it except to say its like looking at classic, masterpiece artwork! So beautiful! (This might be my favorite of the three--but only by a hair. Ha ha.)
And, that officially wraps up your Paul O. Zelinsky tutorial. Please if you look for nothing else I have featured this week, please find these fairy tales! They are simply too stunning and detailed to pass by!  Find them...are you still reading? Why, you have books to locate people!

Happy Zelinsky searching!
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