Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paul goes Tall

Howdy y'all! I'm not sure how much of Paul O. Zelinsky's stuff you're familiar with, but today I'm sharing a couple of tall tales he's illustrated.  These stories told by Anne Isaacs fit right in with classics like Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan. 

And they sound best when you read them with a bit of a twang in your voice, just so you know.

Swamp Angel and Dust Devil both star Angelica Longrider, a larger than life (really, she's huge) heroine who is known as Swamp Angel and sometimes Angel for short.  She's a tough chick who knows how to handle everything from a giant bear to a tiny seed.

One of the greatest things about Paul O. Zelinsky is his versatility!  The illustrations in these books are totally woodsy and look like they should be hung in a cabin, right down to the wood paneling framing the pages and making up the end papers.

Also he's got a quirky side and he seems to find projects where he can show it. I mean take this mosquito wearing a saddle and sucking down watermelon juice (I know you can't read it, but he has a warning label on his wing.)

 And one last thing, I love how the little dachshund shows up in some many of these pictures. I know Zelinsky features a dachshund front and center in another one of his books.  I wonder if this pup shows up in any others. 

I think it's cool when illustrators throw in a little trademark touch, don't you?
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