Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paul Gimmick-sky...

Yep, it's Whitney again with my crash course on Paul O. Zelinsky! Sorry, you know I can't help myself with the lame titles.  It's what I do. I'm sure you guys are getting sick of me! Don't worry, Robyn will be back soon!  I just asked if I could hijack this week-- next week we'll get back to a more normal schedule, though I think you all know as a general rule we can hardly be called normal.

Anyway, today I've got some gimmick books created by Paul Zelinsky.  These books show yet another side of his artistic repertoire. Both are bright and fun and based on classic children's songs.
The first is The Wheels on the Bus.  Like I said, its the song turned into a book--with moving parts, like the doors actually open and shut, the wipers actually swish , swish, swish. You got me, right?
My library has these in the juvenile reference section, I suppose to keep them more like new. Anyway, while I was reading it with Rainy, a little boy overheard and came to take a peek. It's colorful and catchy and we all enjoyed it.

Our new little friend came back over when he heard us reading the second book, Knick Knack Paddywhack. Remember earlier this week I mentioned a book starring a dachshund? Here it is.
My favorite part of this one is that each time the song says 'give a dog a bone. This old man came rolling home.' You get to see a new funny little illustration of a different dog getting the bone and a different little old man rolling home in his own unique way. 
Very cute and very clever.
Happy reading!
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