Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Special Day

There's nothing more joyous and worthy of celebration than the arrival of a new baby.  And I personally love nothing more than giving (and receiving) beautiful children's books for such events.  One Special Day (A Story for Big Brothers and Sisters) by Lola  M. Schaefer illustrated by Jessica Meserve was published by Disney-Hyperion Books earlier this year and it's WONDERFUL.  In fact it kinda makes me want to have another baby, is that wrong?  If you're ever looking for the perfect book gift for a family expecting second, third or fourth child (or to an older sibling expecting a new baby brother or sister) this is the book.
Spencer is a lot of things, he's as...
But, when the new baby arrives he discovers as a big brother he's even more than he ever imagined before.  Don't you wish that was you in that last picture?  Just perfect.

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