Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Zelinsky Time

So, before I begin, have you ever noticed that when Robyn chooses a feature author its a woman (Jan Brett, Mem Fox, Ruth Heller) and when I choose it's a man (Mo Willems, Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes).  Interesting right? There's probably something psychologically significant there, but I have no idea what. And, I don't really care either because I'm not breakin' tradition this time.

You see, I picked Paul Zelinsky! Yep, and he's a man. See...
That's an actual picture (a pretty bad picture, but a real one all the same) I took of him when I actually saw him in real life 'cuz he came to town for a children's book festival! (Double cool, right? Cool author/illustrator, and the fact that I live in a town that cares about children's books!)

He was talking about the latest book he's illustrated called Z is for Moose. Its an alphabet book taken over by a tantrum throwing moose. Its very silly and  kids love it.
Here's a trailer for it which I think is pretty darn funny, especially the Joey part.

Another fun thing he shared was this. It's fabric he's made from his published artwork. The shirt he was wearing when I saw him was a print made from his Z is for Moose art.  I just thought that was awesome and kind of hilarious for him to be wearing his art.
Anyway, Paul O. Zelinsky, very cool guy-- here's a list of his works. More on him throughout the week. But let me leave you with this little drawing.  It's a zzzz-moose (AKA, the animal that you'd get if moose actually started with a Z-- he let kids call out how many eyes and ears and such to give the zmoose.)
Children's book authors and illustrators are so cool (even if I can only get very lame photos of them.)
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