Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane by David Wiesner

I randomly came across this book at the library this week and I thought it was so fitting, considering all the superstorm happenings.  Are you familiar with David Wiesner?  Please say you are. He is a phenomenal illustrator! When you look at his art, its like you are literally looking right into his imagination. Amazing!
In the book there's a storm which rages through the night. The power is out...the family stays close together...the cat snuggles in for safety. And, in the morning when the boys go out to look at the damages, they discover a fallen tree lying across the neighbor's yard. Their imaginations are at the ready...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the only damages done during Sandy were trees falling in open yard space so children could play pretend in them? Well, at least we can imagine that with David Wiesner.  Wishing a speedy return to normalcy for everyone hit by the storm!

And, I must leave you with the final image from the book. It's so perfectly David Wiesner. I'm sure that's exactly what a cat daydreams about in a torrent rain...
  Happy reading and hopefully safer weather for our east coast friends!
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