Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How many books until Christmas?

It is, or almost is (depending on how you roll) time for holiday books. Hooray!  I love getting out the Christmas books!  And, I really love doing something fun with them.  In the past I've wrapped a pile of them and we've opened one each night to read before bed.

That's really fun, but the only problem is that part of the books are wrapped almost the whole season and we miss out on reading them.  But not this year, this year we've got this...
Super cute right? It's a mini muffin tin turned advent calendar! Which I love! I got mine from my wonderful aunt in New York. Who got it from the girl that runs this etsy shop which I believe is called Sugar Plum Cottage.

Listen I'm not super etsy savvy, it looks like she doesn't have these available anymore but this type of advent calendar is available in other etsy shops ( I searched muffin tin advent and muffin tin advent calendar and got plenty of options with all the cute embellishments like this one has. It really is super cute and festive with the bells and bows and buttons and fancy stuff.)

Or, if you don't see something you like there, you could make a super simple one of your own. The bare bones version would be a mini muffin pan, pieces of card stock, and magnet strips. You could even turn it on it's side rather than arranging the numbers with the tin longways.  If you're gonna hang it up, I would put magnet strip on the bottom of the card stock too.
Anyway, the idea here-- the part about the books and all--is that you can fill each muffin cup with treats or stickers, OR names of books! And each day you lift a piece of card stock to reveal which title is hidden in that muffin cup.
Ta da! A fun bookish advent that keeps the books accessible! And, don't forget about the treat part-- my kids already asked if we can start taking the candy out yet.

Happy reading!  
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