Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grace for President

Hello Constituents! It's Election Day here in the US and all the country is a buzz over who will be chosen as president. How are you all feeling about the impending nomination?




Well, how about a cute little election book to take your mind off the constant barrage of political harassment?
Grace for President is a great story about how one candidate's hard work and the fulfillment of her promises win her the presidency (well, the pretend presidency.) The book also does a nice job of simply explaining the electoral college and how the president is actually chosen.

And, on a non-book related note, yesterday I was turning in my absentee ballot and on the way to the courthouse I was discussing voting with Rainy.  I told her the names of the candidates, Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama, and asked who she'd like to vote for. She giggled a bit and said, "Brocky Bum-Bum? I'll vote for him." After that we both laughed for pretty much the rest of the car ride and told as many people as possible about her vote.
 Hmm, if only Mitt Romney's name could be turned into some kiddie potty talk joke, perhaps he would have had a chance with her demographic. If you're looking for more election books, check out Vanessa's post, she's reviewed one book I'm quite fond of and another I was really hoping to find. It looks so funny. 

Happy voting!
(And really, try to act happy while you're voting, it's a privilege.)
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